lebcanbank   Car Loan








lebcanbank Terms and conditions

lebcanbank Amount of the loan
lebcanbank$50,000 Maximum
lebcanbankOver $50,000 on case by case bases

lebcanbank Financial Percentage:
lebcanbankFor a new car: the bank grants a maximum of 80% of the new car’s net price.
lebcanbankFor a used car: the bank grants a maximum of 60% of the used car’s net price.

lebcanbank Interest percentage:
lebcanbankFor a new car: 4.9% during the whole period of the loan.
lebcanbankFor a used car 6.9% during the whole period of the loan.

lebcanbank Interest count:

lebcanbank Loan period:
lebcanbankFor a new car: up to 5 years maximum.
lebcanbankFor a used car: up to 3 years maximum.

lebcanbank Payments:
lebcanbankMonthly, according to a schedule.
lebcanbankFor employees: maximum of 1/3 of the net monthly salary.
lebcanbankFor a self employed: maximum of ¼ of the net income.
lebcanbank10,000 L.L in stamp charges for every contractual year.
lebcanbank$25 payable only once when the loan is granted.

lebcanbank Eligibility:
lebcanbankFor bachelors (singles): Minimum net monthly income of 600,000 L.L
lebcanbankFor married persons: Minimum net monthly income of 900,000 L.L

lebcanbank Obligatory insurance:
lebcanbankA 1st class mortgage to the bank throughout the whole period of the loan.
lebcanbankAn all risk insurance policy covering the entire period of the loan, with a company approved by the bank.
N.B: No need for a car mortgage if there is cash collateral.

lebcanbank Complimentary advantages:
lebcanbankA 24 h free road service is available throughout the year, offering you assistance whenever you need it.

lebcanbank Pre-Payment:
Should be at least 25% of the outstanding balance on the payment date. When this exceeds $200, a commission of 2% will be charged.
lebcanbankIn case the interest to be returned to customer is less than $200 it will be kept by the bank as partial commission.

lebcanbank Late Payment Interest:
lebcanbankLate payment commission is equal to the interest rate plus 5 points, or a minimum of $5.