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3 Mobile Apps To Use for Your Financial Investments

Looking to invest your money in stocks? While it is never too late to try your hand in investments, it does require a bit of knowledge and useful tools to reach success. Thanks to modern technology, users can keep track and monitor their investments straight from their mobile devices.

Here are 3 mobile apps to use for your financial investments.

Personal Capital

If you have already made your invests and plan on monitoring them at all times, Personal Capital is a great app that is used for stocks, investments, savings, and other financial accounts that you may have. What we enjoy most about this app is that you can combine all your financial statements and accounts in just a single app. It offers a multi-platform source that will allow you to compare your stock performance and stay on top of your financial status. You can even seek help through the app for professional service in growing your investment.


StockTwist has a highly-acclaimed number of over 1.4 million users to date. In fact, the app is considered as the Twitter of investments. it is a great way to stay on top of the market trends and listen to what over investors are saying about the current trends in the stock market. When you subscribe, you can also join forums and post your thoughts as well as reply to other subscribers. What makes it even better is that is free to use. There is even an annual event held for subscribers to meet and socialize.


Openfolio is an app that will let you compare the performance of your stock finances and investments anytime, anywhere, anyplace. You can check it on a daily, weekly, and even on an annual basis to help you determine the success of your investments. As a user, you will have the access to view your top performance as well as check out other investors subscribed to the site.

Do you currently use these apps on the list? Are there any other finance apps that you can recommend? Comment below and share your favorites with us!

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